Dear divers, we used the winter period to better prepare for the 2023 season. We made modifications to our vessels, provided new equipment, all with the aim of raising the quality of the diving services we provide. Now we are impatiently waiting for the first guests, and we hope to see you soon.

  1. Our 12m long dive boat now has more seating as well as more bottle racks. At the stern of the ship, the space for getting in and out of the water has been expanded, and additional ladders have been installed. With this modification, we have ensured that our divers can put on their equipment and enter the water as easily as possible, and after the end of the dive, get out of the water without any crowds or additional waiting.
  2. By installing an awing, a small platform and a ladder on our RIB boat, the stay of divers is now much more comfortable, and getting in and out of the water is easier.
  3. We have provided new high-quality diving equipment. Apecs and Cressi regulators with octopus, BCD Cressi “Start Pro”, wetsuits Cressi “Diver” 5mm, boots Cressi “Isla” 5mm.
  4. The existing diving equipment was serviced by an authorized service technician and is ready for safe use this season as well.