Diving instructors


Instructor – CMAS M2  Montenegro

The founder and owner of the center. Works in diving industry since 1986, and has more than 5000 dives. Speaks Montenegrin, English and Russian language.


1990 – Divemaster course

1999 – Diving instructor CMAS M1

2015 – Diving instructor CMAS M2

2015 – Advanced rebreather diver (AP inspiration/evolution), trimix gasblender


Since 2014, he has been participating in all diving activities of the center. He completed the training for PADI diving instructor in 2015 in Slovenia. So far, he has certified over 120 divers of all categories. He gained additional experience by training as a Commercial Diver in 2018 at the famous Norwegian NYD School. He speaks Montenegrin, English and Russian.


2014 – Divemaster course

2015 – Diving instructor PADI No: 366956

2015 – Emergency First Response (CPR, AED) Instructor

2015 – Enriched air Nitrox diver, Emergency Oxygen Provider
2018 – Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (Ptil): Class 1 – Surface orientated diver


Works in diving since 1980.

Till 1993. he was working as professional diver.

In 1995. he started working in tourist diving industry, and has more than 5000 dives.

Since 2009. he is permanent employee and member of Budva Diving center. Speaks Montenegrin and Russian language.


1988 – Military diving instructor

1994 – Diving instructor CMAS M1